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Pro Blogging Tip: Advertising with WordPress

In the age of Professional Blogging, there are many ways to make money with your words. The most common is through advertisements. Some of the easiest way to make money are through targeted ad networks such as Google’s AdSense and Adbrite. You can guess, with the advent of advertising, came WordPress advertising plugins. I’ve got a winning combination of plugins and networks that you can use to help fund your blogging habits.


There are hundreds of advertising networks out there. Currently I use 3 modes to advertise:

  • Google’s AdSense
  • Share A Sale
  • Amazon Associates

You can consider this my full disclosure. I use all of these networks just a bit differently, and there are different plugins and widgets for each. Google’s AdSense is used for my in page/post advertisements. They are based and determined by the content and keywords for the page being viewed. This is where I use two of the plugins mentioned. I use the Share A Sale network to show the sidebar advertisements. This network pays per lead or per sale depending on the affiliate. I also use the Amazon Affiliates network for when I mention a book, dvd, or music. These pay our a percentage of each sale.


Plugins are where the magic happens. It makes advertising with WordPress much easier than normal. I have 3 plugins I use to manage my advertisements currently:

  • Better AdSense Targeting
  • Advertising Manager
  • WP125

Better AdSense Targeting: This is one of my plugins that I use to help you target in your AdSense ads to your page’s content. What this plugin does is help you tell Google’s service know what content to pay attention to, and ignore, when determining your ads for that page. There isn’t a whole lot when it comes to configuration, just a few dropdowns and you are configured.

Advertising Manager: I have been using this plugin for quite a few years. Advertising Manager makes it easy for you to setup your ads quickly and display them even easier. In 4 steps you and have ads displaying on your site. My favorite feature is being able to call the ‘default’ ad by simply adding a shortcode in the middle of my post. View the plugin page to see more about the setup process.

WP125: This is a new plugin for me, and was pointed out by my friends over at Video Quick Tips. What this plugin allows you to do is setup an Image and Link to a 125px by 125px image for advertisement. You can also setup expiration dates, have it email you when an ad is approaching expiration, and allows people to click blank ad to contact you. So far this plugin has worked extremely well for me. I setup this plugin with my Share A Sale ads so I can rotate them in and out when I get more.

SEO Optimization

Part of using targeted advertising is having a proper SEO plugin. Currently I’m stuck on SEO Ultimate. This plugin is offering me the largest selection of tools and features to help me optimize this site for the search engines.