Plugin Review: Quick Drafts Access

The ‘draft’ status is a feature in WordPress that I use heavily. When I get an idea for a topic, I will typically just write up a title to remind me I have something I want to write about. I went looking for a way to quickly access my drafts and stumbled upon ‘Quick Drafts Access‘.

This plugin adds a menu item under the ‘Pages’ and ‘Posts’ sidebar menu of the WordPress Admin interface, with a count of the number of drafts you currently have. As expected, clicking on this will bring you to your list of drafts. Quick, Simple, and meets my needs. I figured, it could probably help some of yours too.

A few things I think I’d like to see out of this useful plugin would be the ability show this menu to only a specified WordPress role(s), making posts and pages a separate option (would allow the roles option to be more useful), and for WordPress 3.2+ I’d like to see this in the Admin Bar list so I can quickly get to the drafts from anywhere on my site.

I think these three options would make the plugin even more useful to me than it already is. Go install it today if you are having to manage a number of drafts on your WordPress site.…